A Serene SUP Adventure at Deer Creek Reservoir, Alliance, Ohio

Embark on a Stand-Up Paddleboarding Retreat at Deer Creek Reservoir

As the summer winds linger gently in the air, there’s no better way to embrace nature than with a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) under your feet at the serene Deer Creek Reservoir in Alliance, Ohio.

Information about Deer Creek Reservoir:

Address: 14514 Price St. NE, Alliance, OH 44601

Located in the northeastern segment of Stark County, Deer Creek Reservoir covers an area of 334 acres and is ensconced within close to 1,000 acres of dense woodland. This reservoir, created in 1954 and serving as the main water supply for the City of Alliance, offers a multitude of recreational activities including fishing, boating with electric motors, bird watching, and picnicking under the shelter of grand trees. It’s also a vital access point for the Mahoning Valley Trail, making it a hub for cyclists and hikers alike. The diverse ecosystem here is home to a variety of wildlife; visitors may observe bald eagles and osprey overhead, as well as spot migrating waterfowl, white-tailed deer, and coyotes within the surrounding forest.

An Evening SUP on the Water:

Our adventure began on August, 2, 2023. As the sun prepared to dip below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the calm waters of Deer Creek. The weather was ideal for paddleboarding — 78°F with a gentle breeze brushing against the surface of the reservoir.

With our boards ready, we launched our boards, leaving the sounds (and the stress) of the shore behind. The reservoir welcomed us with its high but slightly murky appearance, a sign of recent rains.

A Paddleboarder’s Observations:

Not far from the launch, we encountered other adventurers — fishermen patiently waiting for their catch and bikers gearing up for an evening ride along the Mahoning Valley Trail. On the water, tranquility reigned supreme. The only ripples were those from our boards gliding effortlessly across the smooth surface.

About twenty minutes in, we floated into the embrace of shade, pausing for a moment of respite, to hydrate, and to respond to the world we left onshore.

The wildlife, unbothered by our presence, continued their dance of nature. A blue heron, majestic in its flight, took to the skies, perhaps signaling the time for us to continue our exploration.

As our paddleboards quietly sliced through the calm waters, an unexpected yet harmonious interruption to the natural soundscape occurred. At around 6:45 PM, the distant sound of a train whistle heralded the passing of a locomotive, its tracks not far from the reservoir’s edge. The rhythmic chugging added a brief, nostalgic interlude to our adventure, connecting us momentarily to the world beyond the reservoir’s tranquil borders. Accompanying this text is a short video capturing the train’s passage — a juxtaposition of the industrial against the backdrop of nature, a reminder of the blend of environments in Northeast Ohio.

The Turnaround:

As the clock struck 6:50 PM, vegetation began to infringe upon the edges of our path, and we decided to return, not wanting to disturb the delicate ecological balance.

On our way back, curiosity led us into a secluded nook, hinted at by the occasional splash of fish and the sentinel-like presence of herons. Here, the water revealed its shallowness, marked by vegetation and fallen branches — a hidden world within the reservoir.

Closing the Journey:

By 7:30 PM, our SUP adventure came to a close. Back onshore, we were reminded of nature’s kindness — even the insects seemed to spare us as we concluded our day at Deer Creek.


Deer Creek Reservoir is more than just a spot for SUP enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a place to paddleboard in Northeast Ohio, consider this tranquil destination. Remember to respect the natural habitat and enjoy the simple joy of SUP on these gentle waters.


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